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While he appeared giving out specific details of the series’ final episode, he refused to confirm if fans would witness the death of the novelist and NYPD homicide detective.

2. It’d Be More Awkward if They Didn’t

For real, picture this: Kate and Castle in the bedroom making out hardcore, with clothes practically removing themselves. But then, when Castle attempts to actually, um, go there, Beckett whispers, “No. Stop. I think we should wait.”

Wait? For what? Marriage (yeah, right)? The apocalypse? The final episode of The Simpsons ? We think they’ve waited more than long enough, thanks.

But what if it wasn’t Beckett, but Castle, who wanted to slow things down, you say? Maybe out of respect for his leading lady?

While that sounds honorable, with Castle’s past — not to mention that a very turned-on Beckett showed up at his door and said all she wanted was him — we just don’t see him putting the brakes on. No guy has that much self control. Sorry.

1. Fans Will Be Mad if They Didn't

No doubt, there was more than enough on-camera necking to insinuate things only heated up after the cameras went dark. Seriously, after years of sexual tension and weeks upon weeks of cast and crew interviews teasing a hot hookup, there would have to be one helluva excuse for Caskett’s celibacy to keep excited Castle fans at bay.

We’re a passionate bunch. Don’t mess with us, Andrew Marlowe!

Do castle and beckett dating in real life

Do castle and beckett dating in real life