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It has been turned from a wager between two people, to an efficient process with machines and computers. As figures we published yesterday show, most of the money we gamble is spent on solitary activity like this. Lotteries and betting on sporting games involve transactions carried out by individuals in private. And the betting that extracts most of the money we wager – poker machines – is carried on in dank gaming caverns in hotels and clubs, dimly lit except for the pop and fizzle of the glowing screens. Slumped in front of these machines, Australians lost $12 billion in aggregate last year, half the national loss to all forms of gambling. This state, with 32 per cent of the population, turns over 55 per cent of all poker machine revenue. That turnover is colossal: $79 billion out of a NSW total for all forms of gambling of $86 billion. (Australia as a whole turns over $204 billion on all forms of gambling, of which $142 billion is on poker machines.)

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Weed dating website

Weed dating website